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Boy with horse, c. 1930 Face painting, c. 1980 Wendy house, 1960's Playing shop, c. 1985 Drawing and painting, c. 1980 Washing the horse, c. 1920 A boy's tram, c. 1925 Play pen, c. 1925 Wind up organ, c. 1965 Tyre on wheels, c. 1975 Mothers and babies in waiting room, c. 1965 Baby weighing with visitors, c. 1925 MG_07_02_015 Mothers and children on a farm trailer, c. 1975 Train and tears, c. 1960 Nurse measuring size of child's head, c. 1975 Children greet Queen Mother, 1973 Baby weighing, nurse superintendent, c. 1920 Babies in banana crates, c. 1920 aaa LMA_4314_07_001_0022 (1024x699) LMA_4314_07_001_0010 (680x1024) ccc LMA_4314_07_001_0008 (764x1024) LMA_4314_07_001_0001[1]