Manor Gardens Community

Manor Gardens has been a community centre for a long time. The centre still thrives on the contribution made by the community.

The centre represents various community groups  and a multitude of projects that serve the people. The centre still remains a source of comfort and admiration for user groups.

This in itself enhances the quality of life for marginalised groups who may otherwise feel alienated at times. As well as paid staff the the centre dwells on a team of volunteers and overall responsibility remains with the appointed trustees.

The oral history project did manage to speak various interesting people and its well worth listening to actual users.

From the interviews it appears there was continuity from different generations and they the users of the pre-school did remember faces and appreciated the support received and reputation of the centre. The community seems to flourish when there is commitment and involvement from the users activities and there was always waiting list for the pre-schools as it was recommended by word of mouth.

This portrays a sign of active community engaging in the welfare of others be it preschool or care for the disabled. It was caring for a need and the community being engaged in the services. Changes were made to  the centre prior to the war and afterwards but changes were made for the better which has a lasting legacy . The core issues were centred on the welfare of others and serving the needs of the community.









Children greet Queen Mother, 1973