Britain since 1948 audio clips


Attitudes to black people, 1960’s & 70’s, Hazel Reid


Attitudes to children & the dentist, 1950’s, Marian Fowler


Gaslight coal & no electricity, 1950’s, Ted Williams


Indoor living in UK compared to outdoors in Carribean, 1960’s, Johnson Green


No bath at home 1960’s, Johnson Green


People friendlier 50 years ago, Ted Williams


Playing 1950’s, Marian Fowler


Playing in the street sweets & decimilisation, 1970’s, Paulette Romeo-Dixon


School – discipline punishment 1950’s, Marian Fowler


Smog 1940’s 50’s & 60’s, Fred North & Johnson Green


Unfriendly Doctors in 1950’s, unlike today, Ted Williams